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Re: Coronavirus

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The rest of your post is a lazy smear (accusation of lies and misinformation without any citations) designed to intimidate and not worthy of a response.
Apparently your assertion that my post accusing you of lies and misinformation is a "lazy smear" did warrant a response—by people who could actually provide citations:
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Your cavalier dismissal of Imperial College does not reduce the number of cases in the real world.

Contrary to your claim that "Imperial College forgot to look at T-cells" there is an Imperial College study showing the lungs of severe COVID-19 patients had accumulated a broad range of ‘hyperactivated’ T cells which increased the severity.

Since you have boarded the T cell train you can no doubt supply us with a full peer-reviewed scientific study about how effective T cells are in contributing to COVID immunity?
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On the topic of your repeated misinformation.
The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster.



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More fact-free posting I see.
The projection of 260,000 assumed just 2 measures. Quarantining of families where someone had symptoms plus social distancing of over 70s. As you (bloody well should) know, the actual measures taken went a long way past that.

Their scenario 2 assumed a full lockdown and projected 20,000 deaths (mid value with a fair range of possibilities). As HMG were so late in bringing lockdown in, the current number is rather higher.

I owuld also remind you that Edinburgh University reviewed the projections and methodology and confirmed them.

Yet another lie. Their actual advice was to stop using lockdowns as your primary control method

As for Sweden....well your elephant is to explain why they are so massively worse than Denmark, Norway and Finland.
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Denmark is at roughly the same rate as Sweden (slightly lower if you're being picky). Last Friday they announced a similar set of measures to Switzerland. Their second wave came later than ours and they have reacted faster.
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I received a number of positive and encouraging messages from members who agree with me on this subject.
Indeed, zero is a number. Or was it the usual set of two or three people who blindly applaud every uninformed statement you make?
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