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Re: Coronavirus

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To be fair, being here in itself is a waste of time. We have only ourselves to blame for time-wasting part and lack of self-control. I joined this forum to get info on goat sheds mainly and have ended up wasting so much time on other topics Life in itself is a waste of time, so you are ok (my sinking ship thread)

This Corona does not seem to be a simple 2 + 2 = 4 equation based on currently available info. There are many variables and unknowns so no one can claim that they have access to the ultimate truth on how to deal with this situation.

So, Tony, FMF, V__ etc have not said anything on the same level as flat Earth society. I mean I don't agree with many of their views but it never gets me worked up. Even Chuff who seems to have a vendetta against me does not get me riled up, I find his square personality highly entertaining and sweet

So learn to take/ignore opposing views even if you are convinced about facts/truths being on your side. It will make you a better and mentally stronger person. Life will always be full of people like Tony and Chuff, it is on us to stay mentally centred and calm. It will be a long winter, so we need all types of people.

From your friend
Well, I come onto this thread mainly to check on status updates, etc. regarding the pandemic -- not to try to repeatedly engage in circular arguments with people. So I feel very frustrated when that ends up happening, and I realized that the best way to prevent that from happening is by using the ignore function. I like to think of it as a useful tool for time management.

So yes, being on the EF is often just a waste of time, but it can also be a place where you can learn and engage in interesting conversations. For myself, at least, being able to use this place without it putting me in a bad mood and/or wasting too much of my time requires some degree of control, on my part, in regard to who I interact with.

I do think there are some people on here who seem to be just "looking for an argument" and who enjoy arguing, and it can be very frustrating to deal with. You can say "X" and someone will try to turn it into "Y" and two hours later, they're still trying to prove you wrong and themselves right.

I have a friend in the UK who is a programmer and once joked to me that he should develop a program that would allow people to argue with their computer -- specially made for people who enjoy arguing.

It's all subjective, anyways, isn't it... how each of us experience this place? For myself, I'm just tired of wasting my time becoming trapped in circular arguments here that lead nowhere and achieve nothing other than proving to be a waste of time.
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