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Re: France: Charlie Hebdo Office shootings

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In the end, France may just have to accept that as its Muslim population is now so large (8% in 2017 so likely now 10-15% in 2020) that the country has now irrevocably changed and the same level of freedom of expression that once existed in a predominantly Christian culture no longer applies as before.

This clash of cultures and ideals is likely only going to get worse as time goes on throughout Europe as Muslim populations and resulting levels of radicalism present within them increase.
Not really. Muslims make not even make sense in first place. The culture clash includes TV, football, pop music and all other media. I see the young men trapped between extremist parents and at the same time lusting for a fast car and a GF in a tiny dress. I wouldn't be surprised if extremist parents also talk about how France have irrevocably changed their kids and how they don't respect their own culture/heritage. I bet on artists and football players winning the influence war on kids over boring priests.

My place in this culture war is long hair. I enjoy the looks of disapproval of other immigrant parents with young kids at the ethnic food shop. Due to m complexion and skin people think I'm from Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey or some place with strict rules of how a man should look. Then I get to my car and turn the engine on.....I see how the pupils of the kid dilate and I know my job is done. I seeded discontent and restlessness, the kid one day will ask himself why the others have nice things and the family only has rules to follow. Bonus points if my wife is wearing a mini-skirt.

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