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Re: Hauswart closing communal laundry room

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WTF guys... recommending to move over a washing room disagreement? What a hHilarious overreaction. Spending money on a washing machine and plumbing is also excessive unless as a last resort.

This can very likely be sorted out with some firm but fair discussion with the letting agency and the hauswart. No-one should be blocking access to a wash room during regular hours. Fact.

Fully Agree.

But it strongly seems like that...:
  • ... lot of neighbouring tenants are messy
  • ... Hauswart prefers radical solutions to please her own control-freakishness, instead of solving the Problem for everyone
This looks like a potential neighbourhood-war-situation.

So, if talking doesn't solve the situation and to keep your inner peace in the long term, get your own washing machine or move to place with a considerate social environment. I've been through this a few times myself, I know it's super annoying and unjust...
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