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  • Lots of people have advanced every branch of physics over the past few decades
  • Even more people, including quite a few on EF, make use of these new discoveries and developments
  • Almost everybody is aware of the rapid growth of knowledge in physics and its application to solution of problems
  • Some bloke on the internet called Flying Kite isn't.

  • Let's get on with our lives and let the non-believer(s) get on with his/hers.
...I am totally agree that we progressing at high speed... is because of engineering that use theories that was elaborate in Einstein time or prior...
...tell me about any new mechanic laws?...

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Since the practical utility of new physics seems to be a bee in your bonnet, here are some useful bits of physics discovered since Einstein:
- Semiconductor physics
- Theory of turbulence
- Theory of polymer physics (de Gennes Nobel prize)
- Theory of liquid crystals (ditto). Some idiot journalist said that he had invented LCD watches. All of de Gennes work was useful. See also his work on wetting of surfaces and drop formation.
- Theory of fractals and experiments too. Mandelbrot first worked on noise on telephone lines for IBM.
- Chaos theory and experiments.

There are plenty more.
...all of those theories have been formulated in Einstein time...fractal geometry are problem of mathematics, solved by mathematicians...

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