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Re: Queries on tax calculation and filing taxes

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Q1 - Is the gemeinde tax a part of the cantonal tax or additional? For instance, is our overall tax rate (7.3 + 12.4 = 19.7%) or (7.3 + 12.4 + 6 = 25.7%)?
There are three taxes. Federal, cantonal, Gemeinde. You add them up.
Q2 - Assuming the tax calculation by the authorities is correct, is the lower witholding tax standard practice or is there a discrepancy in the witholding tax calculation by both employers? This is just to understand so that we can manage our finances better for the lumpsum outgo.
Quellensteuer is based on an average of the Gemeinde in the canton. Many people find that when they fill in a tax return, they end up owing money.

For doc 1 and 2, the letter mentions provisional tax and the orange payment slips do not specify an amount. For doc 3, the balance amount to be paid is specified in the orange payment slip and the due date is for this month.

Q3 - Given the above, am I correct in understanding that we do not need to pay the provisional federal and cantonal tax right now? And that we need to calculate and pay any outstanding tax while filing the taxes early next year?
They give you payment slips so you can make payments on account, if you want to. For any over payment they'll pay interest. Up to a 50% overpayment.

Q4 - When we file the taxes for 2020, do we need to file a full tax return or source tax correction?
I've never heard of a "source tax correction". If you are required to fill in a tax return (e.g. your joint income is more than 120K, or you own property), they'll send you one.

Q5 - Lastly, do we need to file separately for all three authorities or just file it with the BL canton? Consequently, will extra payment/refund be processed by a single authority (i.e. BL canton) or differently by all 3 authorities?
Federal and canton bills tend to come together, the gemeinde one separately, but the return is just one and covers all three authiorities. Use EasyTax to submit your return (partially) electronically.
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