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Okay, here's a new question.

I had to wait (for a very long time) in the foyer of a building with a glass lift. I had time to notice that, no matter where it went, whether transporting people up or down, once done it always returned to wait on the ground floor.

Perhaps this is usual behaviour for lifts, but I couldn't have know this before, firstly because other lifts I may have (but did not) observe have been closed, and secondly as I've never otherwise (and may I never again!) had such a long time to kill in the presence of a transparent lift. But through the glass I could see that a completely empty lift travelled several floors down, although nobody had summonsed it, to wait at the bottom. Always.

I had previously thought that, in general, lifts waited where someone had last left them, until summonsed by the next hopeful passenger. Was I wrong? Do lifts, even when empty, always settle at ground level? If so, why?

Are they not using electricity unnecessarily, to travel all the way down, for nothing, and then have to travel all the way up again, when someone on a higher storey calls them?

Or does travelling down and waiting on ground level at rest perhaps cost less, in terms of electricity, or perhaps wear-and-tear, as they then don't have to work against gravity, from several storeys up?
Maybe the lift was thinking "I keep coming back down but she still doesn't get in! Why the hell is she still hanging around the damn foyer?"
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