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Re: Giving birth at Triemli - advice on extra options

I did not give birth at Triemli but I prefer a single room because:

1) My delivery was not complicated but had barely slept for the last two nights and was exhausted. I needed to sleep desperately. My husband being there and being able to take shifts was great.

2) This is the most special part of initial parenting life. You want to be calm with your baby and not disturbed by others.

I did not prefer but I believe all these hospitals do offer to take care of your baby for a couple of hours instead of you and many people do opt for that and were grateful for a chance to get rested. (1) depends also on your husband's preferences and availability.

I did stay in hospital even though I am very very picky person and love my comfort, my stuff, etc. Reasons it turned out to be good for my first delivery:

1) many mothers suffer initial incontinency and heavy bleeding. Things get dirty. Even with a relatively easy delivery I felt quite week for the first weeks. It is great to have someone help with the cleaning around and you don't need to worry about spoiled sheets

2) breastfeeding help - lots of nurses change, some will tell you useless or wrong things, but there will be plenty of useful advice to pick as well. Being exposed to different opinions you get a chance to see what works best for you. Also some breastfeeding positions require multiple checks until perfection

3) you get doctor and pedetrician visit there. If there's anything you are worried or want to ask there're plenty of people around.

4) despite liking it or not you get food served and no dishes to wash

photos - I got a session at hospital but did not purchase them, they were the worst photos of my baby, not sure how they managed to get that bad photos :S it was "baby smile"
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