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Re: Should I buy a home or invest? I just reached 200k in savings and they are sittin

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Everything seems a no-brainer in hindsight.
In 95+% of cases, stock pickers who "succeed" just got lucky with their picks (not due to skills).

P.S. I also dipped my toes into a bit of Palantir (just some play money; although I got burned by Slack IPO thus far ), because I work in the domain and they seem to have a good future to me.
My wife suggested Slack at IPO, thinking it is another Zoom. I read about origins of the company and in 20 minutes knew it is a bail out for original investors. Luck has nothing to do with it. If you have read that original founder failed at video game and built Slack on software leftover of that video game to bail out himself and his original investor in that dumb video venture you would have steered clear too.
There is no hindsight involved, You invest in the best in class when they IPO. How much insight one needs to conclude : Visa or GS or UPS is going public....Should I invest? Will their business model fail?
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