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Re: Can a landlord forbid portable split AC?

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Soon be found out when neighbours complain about the noise and vibrations - and the electricity consumption if they share the bill
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We can argue the pros and cons till we go blue in the face, but yes, the landlord can object and refuse.
Well, they can object ahead of time, this is what happened. The question is - if I keep my mouth shut, and just use one, can they stop me (after I am already renting). It seems their only recorse is serving notice (if they even notice it), as it's not a modification, and I am confident in my ability to avoid generation of noise. The places I am looking at have space to put the external unit in a private setting.

I do not plan to share electricity with anyone, this won't be fair to whoever is sharing with me even regardless of AC, I tend to be a high energy consumer as I work from home and operate multiple strong computers, etc. I pay my own electric bill.

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CheshireCat, within a 'normal' price range, this is perhaps the kind of place to look for - a terraced flat. The design of these types of buildings usually gives more privacy:

You'd put the fan/condenser (whatever the exterior thingy is) outside on the terrace. No one is likely to see or hear it. Buy a second door to cut access for the cable, replace the original door when you leave.

The listing above is Pfäffikon SZ, in your target tax range.

Alternatively, a bit pricier, a single family home in Baar ZG:

This was mentioned on another of your threads, but bears emphasizing - look in Zug. Only a minuscule tax increase at most income levels, and sometimes better for the top ranges. Zug tends to be far more foreigner friendly - and attitudes often a bit more laissez-faire.

And - get your relocation people on this. Make it their job to find a place that meets your needs, including getting permission and getting the AC installation done. Locally connected relo people could get this done where you, a newcomer, might not be able to.


To all reading this thread - the OP has said in other threads that he has a condition where he simply cannot tolerate heat. Most people here probably don't really understand what this means, and so dismiss his need for AC as unnecessary. Look at it this way: Imagine if you were not allowed to heat your home at all. Would you be able to live like that through the winter? That's the level of discomfort - heck, unliveability - when one has a serious heat intolerance.
Thank you meloncollie.
You are correct in terms of my preferences. If I had to choose between heating or cooling, I would choose to have no heating at all, rather than no cooling. It's a good analogy to explain this to other people, I might use this, thanks.
I actually saw the first place you linked, and it's great, but they rejected my application due to my desire to use a portable AC. This latest rejection was actually the one that prompted the start of this thread
The place is Zug looks great, but given I will pay quite a substantial tax increase there, in addition to being much more expensive, I currently treat Zug as a backup option.
I haven't given hope on Hofe just yet
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