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Re: Lime problem with light plastics on dishwasher

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Indeed, water in CH is pretty high in minerals. Add some CO_2 with a bubble machine and you have a better beverage than whatever bottle you can buy in shops

Concerning the dishwasher, read the manual. Somewhere, there should be an explanation of how to set it depending on the amount of minerals in water. I think it's carbonate hardness. Then google for Zurich water chemical analysis ( and you'll find the required parameter to set your washing machine.

Also relevant, put salt in the machine as indicated by the manual. Finally, are the dishes made for a dishwasher and which temperature are you using?
The problem isn't the regular dishes, but with things that are dishwasher safe and are made of plastic. For example plastic tupperwares or lids of glass tupperwares. Or for example of we just got a knife that is dishwasher safe and and the handle if white. The rugged part of the handle —as anti-slip purposes—has started to become brownish.

I'm not sure about the dishwasher… I bet an arm that it already have those settings on. Of course it has salt.

My believe is that things become brownish on the dishwasher —and other places—when the lime gets hot…

PS/ the manual of the dishwasher is in german… I've tried to find it on english, but this is a swiss model. ¬¬
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