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Re: Driving too slow in a 50 km/h zone

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Is there any regulation against driving 35 km/h on the inner city road, where the top speed limit is 50 km/h?
The posted or default speed limit sets the upper limit. So what about going bellow it?

Let us check what the Swiss Road Act says:
Art. 32 Speed

1 The speed must always be adapted to the circumstances, in particular to the characteristics of the vehicle and load, as well as to the road, traffic and visibility conditions. Where the vehicle could impede traffic, it must be driven slowly and, if necessary, stopped, especially in front of unclear areas, road junctions that are not clearly visible and level crossings.

2 The Federal Council shall limit the speed of motor vehicles on all roads.1

3 The maximum speed set by the Federal Council may only be reduced or increased for certain stretches of road by the competent authority on the basis of an expert opinion. The Federal Council may provide for exceptions

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the traffic rule ordinance further says:
Art. 4 Adequate speed

1 The driver may only drive as fast as he can stop within the visible distance; where crossing is difficult, he must be able to stop within half the visible distance.

2 He must drive slowly where the road is covered with snow, ice, wet leaves or grit, especially if trailers are being pulled.

3 The driver must moderate his speed and, if necessary, stop when children are not paying attention to traffic on the road*.

4 ..

5 Without compelling reasons, the driver may not drive so slowly that it hinders a smooth flow of traffic.

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So here you have what is defined in the relevant laws. Unlike in the US were every single corner or curve has its own speed limit usually only a default speed is set and the rest is up to the driver. Speed is usually only lowered bellow the default if there is good reason (some might argue that even that is beyond the reasonable and there are way too many spped signs).

What about your particular case? Schweighofstrasse, Triemli side? A regular road. Nothing special and not particularly narrow. Furthermore, one which might be used for driving tests as the StVA is located at the other end. In my opinion going 35 km/h on Schweighosstrasse is a nuisance for other drives and you will fail the driving test if you would do so.
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