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Re: Driving too slow in a 50 km/h zone

I got once a police car requesting me to go faster when on Sunday morning 5:15am I drove my car 30kmh in 50 zone.. reasoning it's not safe as other cars may attempt to overtake. I agreed and continued at 30kmh - checking whenever my bike computer is calibrated accordingly to my GPS measurement.

Also what OP is saying is either his vision needs medical assistance (and I'd recommend to do anyway - as I had similar experiences back in time) or needs to inform police that visibility at that part of the road is not good enough for allowed speed.

it takes +300msec for person from noticing something on the road to hitting a breaks
50km is 14m/sec , so you'd need 4.5m alone to start breaking. full stop for 2T car is approx 12m ( I have a feeling it's less but anyway ) - you need min 17m visibility and perfect reaction time . I guess Swiss norm is 28m with visibility twice the distance so 55m for 50kmh zone.
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