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Re: Health insurance - CSS multimed vs callmed


They just told me the catch… on the multimed model there are less family doctors available. On our case isn't a big deal because the practice we are tacking our son is on the list, and we are most probably going to the same center. But is you are happy with your doctor and he is not on the list most probably is a deal breaker.

For us this thing os choose doctor is a little bit of a pain in the ass for us, since we never before have to do it. In Spain —where we are from—the system assign one. If you don't like you can change. You can say I don't like, I want another opinion… and I think you can even choose. In Finland —where we were the last 6 years—the gatekeeper was a nurse you can't choose and if s/he thinks that what you have is serious enough s/he refers you to a doctor. Things have to be ducking dire for you to be referred to a doctor. Of course you can go to the ER any time, but doctor are mythological animals on daily basics. You are referred to an specialist if needed.

I'm really thinking to go into this model since there are saving and there almost no changes (and even improvements) for us.

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