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Re: Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

Bona fide petrolhead here, and let me pre-face the following that not only I'm not interested in electric cars, I'm really not interested in any car produced after 2016 or so.

Cars are getting heavier, "easier", and stupider by the day and model year. So screw them and the industry can go to shit as far as I'm concerned, as long as we can get parts for the existing stuff.

Electric cars are overall cleaner. Yes that includes well-to-wheel calculations, and yes that will depend on the country discussed, but in most of the developed world it's either already cleaner, or close to being there.
Batteries are getting better and cheaper, not quick enough for sure, but for most people it is a statistical certainty that they don't need humongous ranges on a frequent basis, so it's manageable.

The stupid thing is that large metropolitan cities (that CH doesn't have if we're being honest) have curbside parking, and large distances to cover on a daily commute. If commuting in Paris, Athens, London, Los Angeles you don't need to charge every day, but you need to charge every damn week, and depending on personal situation a couple of times a week. Unless quick charging gets solved, it's going to be a PITA.

It's also only cheaper if you charge at home. In many cases you pay for charging by the minute, regardless of charging power (stupid money grab), and it's significantly more expensive than regular rates you'd pay at home. When fossil fuel vehicles are reduced in the fleet, and tax revenue goes to shit, guess where the tax is going to be placed There is no free lunch, so enjoy the discount while it lasts and until wide adoption kicks in.

In any case, electric cars are objectively better solutions. That is a given for the vast majority of the population, as they see the car largely as an appliance, or a "transportation/mobility" solution, and not as something important in their life. It is quiet, calming, easier to maintain (if built properly), and today a hue virtue signal, equivalent if not of higher value than the Prius when it first came out.

For the enthusiast minority that are already NOT buying new cars because they're shit, not fun, expensive, and stupid, it's a non-issue, and we'll just hope that the relics we will be driving in 10 years time won't be banned outright or taxed out of existence...
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