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Re: Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

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Eh? That link (the part of my post you quoted) was ONLY about battery recycling as was your original (and confusing) answer. Although I'm happy you say I understood it.

On renewables, because of their inherantly less reliable nature there HAS to be (and will be) a planned oversupply coupled with storage. One method will certainly to use battery cars and the pricing of recharging to buffer some of that unpredictability and encouraging recharging when supply is plentiful.

On a small scale, there are already people using their cars as a storage and overnight home supply for the PV supply from their roofs.
None of these anecdotes defend your statement that Solar and Wind will provide oversupply of energy.

Let's define oversupply for private FV or Wind supply system; Oversupply is when you provide all necessary energy for all your personal needs and sell Excess (Oversupply) of electricity to the grid. Wind and Solar in a future might allow people to live 100% off the electrical grid, but their Oversupply will never meet the needs of the society growing demands for energy. In other words the Wind and Solar are always going to be marginal players in electricity production due to their inherent lack of efficiency and energy density of the source. They might actually be phased out if when scaled up they prove to be too taxing on environment and too energy demanding in recycling of their worn equipment.
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