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Re: Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

The thing about cost is the following:

For cheaper cars, fuel is a substantial part of the total cost of ownership.
For more expensive cars, depreciation completely takes over, so buying a car that sheds 7-8-10-15k/year in the first years of ownership and justify it's saving 1-2k on fuel costs is ridiculous in my mind.

Maintenance will also remain an issue. Many problems with older cars are not necessarily coming from the engine. They can come from the engine, and maybe in some cases majority comes from there, but suspension and infotainment and sensor issues will remain because these systems will go nowhere.

So if you're part of the market that is leasing and getting new cars every other year or so, you're not saving much because depreciation will bite you in the ass no matter the engine. With potential battery degradation, or technology becoming visibly obsolete as the new car has substantially better range, depreciation could get even steeper.

If you're part of the "I run a car to the ground" part of the market, you're still have issues with all systems other than the engine. And while the motors are not going to have issues are they are simple reliable things, the batteries can be a royal PITA. You won't need to repair them, but you also won't be able to repair them. You'll just chuck them in recycling (for a hefty charge probably), and then you'll need to get another one.

Not much will change, other than the experience. And even there, most cars are already getting closer and closer to the electric car experience. They're not that noisy, they have flat torque curves, they have smooth seamless automatic gearboxes, so they're getting there...
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