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Re: Protein and Metabolism

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I have a different brand of scale that does those measurements and i just don't believe it.. Especially those that only measure via the feet.. Obviously electricity takes the shortest path, thus goes up one leg and down the other.. How does it see and measure my beer belly or my big muscular shoulders?

My problem is i eat too much, mostly decent food but in too large quantities .. And I drink too much wine. I do crossfit up to 5 times per week, lift pretty heavy etc.. I burn up to 700 cals per session according to apple watch .. But that makes me hungry and so I eat more.
This exactly. I finally got fed up with not making "progress" and consulted a nutritionist. She said the scales are inaccurate as are the fitness watch measurements of calories burned. True ratios of fat to muscle require sophisticated evaluation (she consults for high-level athletes... of which I am not).

Ditto the eating too much of the good things, working out at that level makes you more hungry. I might add the wine back in to round things out.

Off to stir the bolognese and check the bread rise
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