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Re: Protein and Metabolism

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That said - use fasting as an super efficient but heavy duty thing, pretty much like a lockdown. If too much or wrong timing, your body will kick in counter measures. Where are your extra kilos you don't want? Cortisol shifts them to particular areas. And cortisol triggered metabolic storm will alarm enzymes too, pang of post-wok out hunger directly after, extreme sugar cravings, carbs..or booze, John, to soothe the depleation panic with cheap dopamine. Welcome this though, your body seems to be doing its damage management.

The kilos will go with consistent and mild endurance, it will only take a bit longer...

Hard to give up fasting for me, love the cognitive clarity and pace, endorfines. But if you do it to retrain your hunger signals, it means cortisol has already started messing up with hunger signals, as a stress protection. Curb stress instead of food, then cravings or over eating will go away because cortisol will drop.
Dropping the kilos is needed as I am slightly overweight. Never managed to quite shift the post second pregnancy weight, so about 10kg to lose.
It's not a vanity thing, more that I know that with getting old, carrying any amount of extra weight is not ideal. I have not put any weight on at all for the past 6-7 years.

Same reason for exercising - I want to grow old strong AND I love starting the day doing something for me and my body.

I never considered the 16-8 as hard fasting but perhaps this is now causing an issue - hardly have hunger pangs after workouts.

But agree with the rest that you are saying about the stress etc - we are just out of a superstressful intercontinental move period and whilst I am doing a lot to care for myself (stopped alcohol, sleep enough, sport and nutrition) perhaps even more is needed.

Ideally I would love doing intuitive eating - issue is that it does not work well with family life and family meals etc.

But perhaps I can reintroduce breakfast and see what happens - just a little afraid as the current system worked for not putting any weight on and before the scales I was not worried about protein or metabolism... Perhaps need to ditch the scale

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