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Re: Driving too slow in a 50 km/h zone

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First off, I'm not talking about inconvenience, but behaviour that can cause others to need to take avoiding action, and secondly I'm referring to those who brake suddenly, and by more than is necessary, when they get to the speed limit sign.

The problem they can cause is due to their unexpected behaviour, for example when a following car has taken their foot off the gas to slowly reduce speed, expecting to drop to an indicated 55 or so once they've got into the 50 zone, but then suddenly find themselves too close behind the braker who's just dropped 30kph in the space of a few metres. It's not about the speed they're doing, or wanting to do, so mush as the sudden action they take that can cause a trail of cars behind to all have to brake quite sharply.

As for speedo underread, it's pretty much guaranteed than any car on its standard wheel and tyre size will overread by 7-8%, so perfectly acceptable to drive at an indicated 55. Yes, there may be others who feel that 60+ is an appropriate speed, but I'm not talking about them (nor condoning it).

you can check this with phone's GPS, modern ones with multi-network setup are pretty precise. Even google maps shows current speed. For my 16-year old BMW 3 its about 3-4 kmh below what it shows, regardless of actual speed. Never had a speed fine en Suisse.
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