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Have been taking high dose Vitamin D for years but good to know Interesting to know the term "neurodermatitis". Mine is not as bad as in the Google photos. If someone looks they most likely won't notice it.

I am very good at not scratching so hopefully it will pass soon with the help of the new creams that I bought yesterday after reading all the replies.

I have been taking C and D for years. I did increase the dosage a bit since Corona started. If the creams don't help I will drop it down to pre-corona levels. Be scratchy or die from Corona

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Have you had your vitamin D checked? I've read before that eczema can also be a symptom of low vitamin D (and/or that low vitamin D can at least make it worse).

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Have you perhaps started to take Vitamin D or C supplements recently? I have and am pretty sure that I have developed a rash as a result. I came out in lumps on my face and scaly itchy spots on my body. Dr Google diagnosed an allergy to the Vitamin D supplement.
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Have you changed detergent, showergel etc latley?
Do you also put handsanitizer on your forearms?
No I have not changed it. I did use some new fragrant body lotions that were gifted to me. I did not use them on my arm though or rarely.
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What kind of friction?
I do a lot of fitness and spend hours on fitness mats. I disinfect the mats before using with those cheap gym sprays.
If it is itchy, could be yeast secondary inf., how much sugar/carbs/booze do you feed yourself?
Does 1kg of chocolate daily count? No sugar or booze generally Just usual fruits and carbs from natural foods.

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Out of interest - did it improve as she got older? My dads was severe - now moderate at worst (he's 58). Mine is moderate to severe - and im hoping as I age (32 at present) things will get less bad.
Yes, it went away completely. My guess, from age 30 to 40-45 she had severe Eczeam on both her hands (no where else) also severe Asthma. My Mum really suffered She is hitting 80s now and has been free of Asthma and Eczema for the last 35 years. She credits Yoga and meditation

So yesterday I bought Bepanthen Sensiderm and Dexeryl cream. I applied Bepanthen before bed and it made it very scratchy, I resisted scratching and it seems less scratchy this morning.

I won't be touching Steroid creams due to some other reasons.

Thanks for all the replies and recommendations!

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