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Re: "Your German is not good enough..."

At least speaking as a native anglophone, given that our language doesn't have gender or cases, and hardly any need to differentially conjugate verbs (I go, you go, we go, they go... I went, you went, we went, they went), I think anglos don't really have the capacity to understand just how many ways it is possible to make mistakes in other languages. It has nothing to do with your ability to find the right words, but if you use "die" instead of "der" or say something is "bon" when it should be "bonne" grates on the ears of native speakers, even if we can't tell the difference.

Where I'm from it's not uncommon to hear people say things like "I seen you at the store the other day", or "I ain't never done that". To me it's normal and understandable, but I know people from the big cities find it quaint/cute/wrong.

I'm sure your kids are dead fluent, and the mistakes your kids make that native speakers pick up on are inconsequential in terms of the overall meaning of the message. The problem is that some pedants want to nitpick over minor details that aren't even on the radar of someone whose first language is English.

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