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Re: Eczema cream?

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Disclaimer: For a really serious condition, the following may not apply, and proper medical lotions, as described above, may be necessary.

However, for a general feeling that one's skin is too dry or too itchy or burns, it's an excellent idea to go through all one's cosmetics and cleaning chemicals, critically.
  • One way to do this is to start by eliminating those with the most intense perfumes or odours, or of which you know that they are the most chemically potent, one at a time, using milder products, and so on, down to a level that brings an improvement.
  • The opposite method is to try eliminating them all in one go, radically, for a week or two, and use only water (and cloths washed without soap or detergent), and then add a few products again, in small quantities, starting with the mildest first.

It takes about 2 or 3 weeks for the body to adjust.

On the advice of my doctor, I chose the radical route, and know several others who have also done so. Without exception, we all now use way, way fewer cleaning chemicals, and fewer cosmetics and body toiletries than we used to, and those we choose are at very low doses. And all of us report that our skin feels much better.
I would second this. I use actually soap berries for laundry and am very happy. Rarely if there is a stubborn strain that I use something else. Better both for me and for the environment

Soaps that work best for me are forsch and alviana.
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