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Re: Can I move flats

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That is insane, things like 40 years for the floors?.

Anyway, the place is old, condition is mediocre and I suspect has been for a long time.

I am also an idiot for apparently having signed a contract extension which means I am now locked into original terms.

So are these valid options?

1) Leave the contract and face losing my 4,000+ deposit potentially. Can I do this when someone else is on the paper with me?

2) Find someone else to give the contract to? Unlikely I am guessing as winter and they will see the same problems as I do....
Two flats ago, the landlord confessed the bathtub was 60 years old. When the clothes washing machine broke down in the same flat, the landlord invited the guy running the appliances shop in town. This guy just said to the landlord: you bought me this machine 17 years ago, cannot believe it's still running. We had a good laugh and the landlord agreed to buy a new washing machine.

So, these things happen. Even if the tables consider long lifetimes, landlords keep renting until the apartments are literally falling apart.

Losing the deposit is not that common. Of course, it might happen but it should not be something preventing you from taking a decision. Other people may put more attention to documenting the state of the flat when arriving and that's it.
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