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My experience with Yallo is not so good. I’d recommend people avoid them. The post office’s skills lie with delivering mail - which they are doing quite badly at the moment, not delivering telcoms.

I was abroad when they sent me a text saying sign up for roaming. When I got home they referred me to the fine print which said this doesn’t apply to that country. I had a bill for many many francs that they refused to cancel. Real bar-stewards. Avoid like the plague.
That’s quite strange, I have the Roaming and there is a list of countries where it works and it’s quite a lot. To be honest I never had issues in 4 years with them and I know other people using yallo as well and their experiences are quite good too. Compared to salt and Swisscom the plans are cheaper and the quality of the service is good.
Have you tried to call them? They are quite flexible on the phone and they might be able to solve the mistake if this is the case.

If you want the link to get 1 free month hit me in pm

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