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Re: Covid Vaccine: Will you get it?

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Because there is no long term safety data on top of two very key points you seem to just as casually gloss over. One, vaccine development takes time - often at least a decade and even then there is a high failure rate to deliver on its intentions. Two, there has never been a successful RNA based vaccine created before - ever. We are in unchartered territory in more ways than one, not least of which is our very preliminary understanding of COVID but insufficient safety data or experience with RNA based vaccines

Neither you nor I know what the long term consequences of COVID are either from being infected and surviving or a mutated strain in the coming years. Same applies to a novel vaccine approach that was rushed through development. I am not suggesting perfection, I am merely pointing out there are safety issues that exist beyond the preliminary data you seem to be sure is a small risk. Yes, it could be a great success but to gloss over the uncertainties and minimizing the potential risks being taken reflects ignorance

However, what you clearly have missed and even what the UK authorities have insisted, COVID is here to stay - vaccine or not. Meaning, this is not a magic cure, we will have to face this going forward so if your biggest concern is not having to walk around worrying about it, believe me long after your dive in it will still be something to worry about. When you finally come to terms with that, you'll have some perspective
I 'came to terms with the pandemic' a long time ago, it's actually been fantastic for my health (seriously, I am fitter now than 10 years ago from making good use of the lockdown time to get in shape). I have loved working from home and now home office will be a feature of my working life, which is fantastic. I have also made the most of all the quiet time that it's allowed me. In many ways the side-effects of it have ironically been good for me on a personal level and if I had to deal with restrictions for the next 2 years then I could do. I don't want to, but I could.

Of course COVID isn't going to magically disappear, but an effective vaccine would greatly reduce the risk of contracting COVID and allow for life to return to some semblance of normality for many people, that much is just obvious.

Anyway as I said, feel free to do what you want, I really don't care if you get the vaccine or not as long as it does what it needs to do. We can agree to disagree on anything else such as weighing up the residual risks of the vaccine vs the risks of a pandemic continuing to run through and crippling society.

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This is not for you to say if the vaccine is safe or not.
Really? I was just about to formally declare and approve the vaccine for use within Switzerland until you informed that I was not a regulatory body. Thanks for clarifying.

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