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Re: Psychotherapy, what it is and how to get it

Approaches to Providing Psychotherapy

Some psychotherapists specialise in a particular field of suffering, such as palliative care of cancer patients, or short-term group therapy for young people, or trauma therapy, or phobias, etc. Within this, they may use any of the official methods.

Some psychotherapists are purists, and remain true to the principles of the particular type of psychotherapy that they learnt, for all of their working years. In doing so, they generally become better and better at using that method, as experts bringing a wealth of experience in exactly that direction.

Some psychotherapists are eclectic, and deliberately attend courses of all sorts, so that they can open themselves to having the tenets of what they've learned thus far challenged. This is partly so that they themselves can stretch and grow, but also so that they can better understand a patient who might arrive having had psychotherapy of another kind. Those who work eclectically hope to be able to spontaneously apply aspects of one, later of another school of though, depending on whichever may be helpful in a particular psychotherapeutic relationship.

Some psychotherapy is brief, perhaps just 2 or 3 sessions, especially when the patient knows clearly what the issue is, and just wants to clear the air and ask for quick advice. Psychoanalysis can go on for years, as the patient investigates and owns their inner depths. Many others psychotherapies are somewhere in between, usually for several months at least, because it takes that time to build up a good working relationship.

Psychotherapy can be in-patient (you stay in the clinic for some days or weeks) or out-patient. I have written about this, in terms of doctor's certificates, here:

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