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Re: Covid Vaccine: Will you get it?

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I can't understand why those vaccinated are afraid of those who are not vaccinated, if you are vaccinated then you are protected, me who are not vaccinated are in trouble... no?
I thanked your post because I understand your point of view. But I believe you are missing a really important piece of information.

Yes, you're far more likely to contract diseases than those who are not vaccinated. But much more troubling is that those in the community who (due to allergies, a suppressed immune system, or perhaps some debilitating condition) can't be vaccinated -- even if they wanted to be, as almost all of them do -- are put at great risk by relatively healthy, unvaccinated people who may contract and spread the disease. You may well get over the disease quickly and easily, but while you have it, you are contagious and you may spread it to others who are not vaccinated.

The purpose of getting vaccinated is firstly to protect the individual who is vaccinated, and secondly, if enough people are vaccinated, to achieve "herd immunity". To put it in simplified terms, this means that it becomes very difficult for the disease to be passed on by an infected person, because most people that the ill person comes into contact with are immune through vaccination and the disease can't be passed to them. As a result, the disease dies out. That's how smallpox was eradicated from the world, and polio is close to being eradicated.

Depending on the disease, up to 90% of the population may need to be vaccinated (or otherwise be immune) to achieve herd immunity. Without herd immunity, those who are not immune remain at risk and those who cannot be vaccinated can do nothing to avoid catching the disease, except isolating themselves from everyone else.

So if you are healthy and could easily be vaccinated, it's really quite selfish not to be. You are relying on everybody else to get vaccinated so that you are protected through herd immunity. Even if you're not concerned about catching certain diseases, you are unwittingly exposing others to those diseases by not making yourself immune to them. You're putting not only yourself at risk of catching a disease which may be not much more than a minor irritant for you or your children, but also those in the community who are much weaker than you and could catch the disease from you, but with devastating consequences for them -- even death. COVID-19 is a great example of such a disease. So is measles.

If you and your children can be vaccinated against the major diseases, please do it, not just for your sake but also to protect others in the community.
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