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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Just depends what you mean by 'teaching'.

Yes, school teachers who are excellent skiers can ski with their pupils on day trips, etc. Something we from the UK were never allowed to do- we could accompany the kids on slopes they had skied with their French/Swiss/Italian/Austrian instructors recently- they had to be in lessons with instructors for half the day. To be able to do so, we had to do a residential course in the Alps with a top BASI instructor (I did 3 with the same brilliant one, top BASI coach coach), and I was also an Artificial Ski slope instructor. I have taught my OH, children, and so many I took out on ski trips over many years, friends, family, in an informal but very effective manner. Snowboarding too. So in this sense you are right.

Most of the teachers who ski with school groups. or ski clubs, etc, are PE teachers with a ski specialism- and/or have done some training courses with 'Jeunesse et Sport' (in Romandie) to allow them to do so. They can also be employed at Junior Level with SSF, under strict supervision (not sure if this is still the case).

The French system is just nonsense, and reflects the French Edu system- where qualifications trump teaching ability in seniority and professional advancement. Hence the too often 'follow me and watch how brilliant I am' approach. Top FRench ski instructors are those who win races, National or International, and not those that are best at TEACHING- eg assessing the potential of each student and how to unlock it, allow them to get over blockages and plateaux, etc. As such, the British system is miles and miles ahead. The Swiss somewhere in between.

Anyhow, by the by - but yes indeed- it will be very difficult, after years and years of fighting protectionism from the EU Ski Schools- to find work for British Instructors unless well established in the system already.
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