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I mean this with all sincerity, the level of hyperbole you've displayed in your post is off the charts. It's like you have never seen a warning list of potential symptoms for a vaccine or other medications before. Such lists of possible side effects are nothing new and I am guessing you just never bothered to look at them until now when a vaccine has you all fired up.

Like I said, medical and scientific ignorance is rife and takes many forms; this includes pretending to know about the risks of individual ingredients that a vaccine is composed of. People who regurgitate things they read on social media or hear from others and then engage in pseudo-scientific discussions, issuing warnings left right and centre without the knowledge or facts to back up their claims, are a serious barrier to fighting the pandemic and a stark reminder of what the medical community are up against.

There are entire teams of many thousands of medical experts worldwide working on creating, testing and approving these vaccines. They are all sharing information and working with government and medical regulatory bodies who all have families and who all care about the effect they will have on people. My view is that it would be better if people trusted them instead of engaging in conspiracy theory BS based on their own lack of knowledge and mostly irrational fears.
Your use of the word 'hyperbole' is incorrect. All of my comments were to be taken literally.

Indeed, medical and scientific ignorance is rife and you have demonstrated that well.

To borrow from Noam Chomsky, consider that truisms are often derided by respectable opinion as 'conspiracy theories', 'Marxist', or some other epithet. Yet they are readily confirmed when subjected to inquiry.

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Ok. Well we are in Switzerland, not the US or UK. So why do you say the vaccine is unapproved in your prior post?
It was to get people to think a bit more. A vaccine is unapproved in one jurisdiction but approved in another. Maybe this is an important consideration for early adopters.

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