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Re: Eczema cream?

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People were talking about different products, (some of them, unfortunately, wrongly, from a medical perspective).

Prior to using any product, (i.e. treating), any good doctor would insist on diagnosing you. Sometimes, the wrong treatment makes things much worst.

According to your description & updates I / II, I would guess (guess, NOT diagnose!) that you suffered only from an erythema, although it could be a precursor (genetically driven) to atopic dermatitis. Some forum members were talking about psoriasis - that's a completely different ballgame both in etiology & treatment.

For erythemas & non recurrent dermatitis , time, patience, avoidance of the triggering agent (tissue, rubbing or scratching), and hydration would be the best option - particularly high concentration urea creams - which is a 100% natural treatment, or mixes of it with VitD, would probably get rid of the problem.

For recurrent atopic dermatitis (or psoriasis), it would be better to see a good dermatologist early enough. In both cases, these conditions are triggered by specific agents (external, or endogenous, respectively), and controlling these agents are the best option to control the flares. Better prevention than treatment - always!

And yes, as you point out, products containing mometazone (in any concentration, as two brands were mentioned on this thread) or any type of corticosteroids should not be used freely, as their medium and long term side effects are well known, and pretty undesirable. Idem goes for products containing tacrolimus or picrolimus - they used to have a 'black box' on them, banalization of the molecules does not change their biological impact....
Best of luck!
For long term eczema the best solution I have found is bathing only 1 minute a week with no products.

Bathing with products precipitates mineral ions onto your skin which causes havoc. That chalky film on the shower fixtures is also on your Skin.

Hard Swiss water (at least up here) is particularly bad.
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