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Re: Coronavirus

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Is there someone here who thinks they could have gotten the Coronavirus before the emergency started and it was confirmed it was here?

In mid-January I had a light flu, just a little later than usual; the previous years I regularly catched it around December 31. Just two more weeks later however I got a second flu which was much worse - debilitating headache, fever staying at 39 and higher, feeling of suffocation at any cough - and different as it came suddendly, no throat aching or cold before the fever. It passed but I also suffered a period of recovery longer than with any other flu.

Of course back then the doctor had no idea and could only think the dry Winter favored being infected by viruses a second time after so little, however as the pandemic was declared and we entered lockdown, through information about the symptoms I thought mine could have been a case of Corona infection that resolved into a flu. The doctor had come to the same conclusion over time and upon hearing a detail I considered unimportant back in February, namely that I was in Milan, in places full of people, about a week before I got the second flu (which would match with the average incubation time of the virus), felt the probability to be even higher.

I'll never know for sure it was Corona of course (my recent negative test doesn't mean much in that regard as it was done more than 10 months after that flu) but knowing how unpredictable the virus can be, at times striking bad even on very healthy people, I can't help but thinking sometimes "that could have been me, I was only brushed by it, I was lucky".
I had it mid January 2020, I had positive antibody tests (Roche0) in July & November. I will do a further Roche test in January. An Abbott test taken 3 days after the Roche test in November was negative, taken by a friend who works in a lab, she was curious as had not seen antibodies last so long.
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