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Re: Coronavirus

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LOL at your opening.

For the rest: Whatever the numbers, all of this is a direct consequence of Covid and people fearing it. People are avoiding hospitals because there is a significant risk of getting infected there (I know of three cases personally). Also, people have issues getting appointments. Currently, hospitals are not forced to postpone treatment by regulation, but by necessity as capacity is at limit. So yes, more detrimental effect on the general health system. To protect the health system for the benefit of everyone was why the measures were introduced.

Cause and effect. I don't know why this is so difficult.

Your Japan example is so ridiculous, I will not comment.
It's difficult to discern exactly how your comment is intended to be interpreted. It is rather blunt and appears to acknowledge that there have been excess deaths caused by lockdown and you demanded a local example. Some people would find it a bit rude.

I'm not sure why you find the example of Japan so ridiculous. It's not only Japan. I have a colleague in Malaysia who poignantly expressed to me cases of increased suicides occurring during the lockdown. The effects of lockdowns around the world are no laughing matter. It's not only deaths, which of course are difficult to link directly. It's well documented that there have been more cases of domestic violence, for example. Many more women (and men) abused at home while not being able to leave their homes. This is not ridiculous.
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