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Re: Covid Vaccine: Will you get it?

Basically, to answer the question "covid vacc: will you get it?" , my answer will be ... hmmmm

For the deadly (but mysterious) virus with a 99% survival rate, .. they came up quickly with a vaccine , that has never ever been used up until now.
It does not work the usual way by weakned virus and with some heavy metals to trigger the immune response... But more like a gene therapy .

The lab themselves say how they havent isolated the virus per koch postulates but ... this vaccine, totally new concept, mRNA , once injected, is supposed to give instructions to our immune system to make our own version of the spike protein, which happens shortly following immunisation. Production of the spike inside our cells then starts the process of protective antibody and T cell production. But, scientists, immunologists...argue how this is such an unknown territory...since each one of us reacts differently and some of us will create too much of an immune response, with others it can mess up certain gene reaction because of some shared amino acid sequences .
Just like the covid19ís spike protein and syncytin-1 are viral fusion proteins that cause membrane fusion, they arent related but they can cause a confusion and we dont know how some organisms can react.

On top of everything..they're saying how even if you're vaccinated with this vaccine, you can still get the covid, and you can still be "asymptomatic" (haha) and the rules will not change anyhow . And the GAVI president even announced how the virus is here to stay for few years and we better get used to the new rules .
But, once we line in the queue for the vaccine we are not really allowed to take all of this into consideration but be positive, believe in fairies and think how , we're just a jab away from things going back to normal . (and once we realise this, we're supposed to put the blame on the others, never ever ... the elite, the corporations)
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