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Re: Covid Vaccine: Will you get it?

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Your post is riddled with inaccuracies but I'll start with this one, since so many people try to trivialize COVID-19.

The mortality rate is closer to 3% than to 1%; to be precise, 1,845,300/62,051,251, or 2.97%.

Of course, by looking at only the mortality rate, you are ignoring the debilitating effects on survivors. These are now quite well documented, and extensive. Note that the numbers you see online of patients "recovered" from COVID-19 are simply those who weren't killed by the disease. That doesn't mean that they are all healthy and happy, having returned to the lives they had pre-COVID-19.

Exactly - the reported 10-15% of under 70s who are symptomatic and who get Long Covid which increases to 20%+ over 70.

People like to just mention the deaths like the rest doesn't matter. There have been Olympian level athletes who've been hit with Long Covid.
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