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Re: Covid Vaccine: Will you get it?

22yrds, I wish there are inaccuracies in what I wrote..But there cant be. For the simple reason, I am not making up the information myself, it's not my own opinion, I am only following what professionals are saying . This, often is omitted by the big media and perhaps this is where the problem lies..

For ex. I can cite dr Fouché, who is Anesthesiologist Resuscitator, at the hospital Conception in Marseille (one of the largest hospitals in france) .. And he states, how the mortality rate is 99,95%
( )

He didnt come up with those numbers just like that.. And there are many others who are stating the same thing. Of course, the cynics will straight away say how these d-r are quacks, stupid,ignorant etc.. But, the quesiton remains : why ? why would he/she claim something totally false . ?

We are coming slowly to the core of the problem... 10 d-r specialists will claim how there's a killer virus, and because they dont want you to die, you have to vaccinate yourself..and again and again and they do clearly say, you will still have to continue to wear the nappy, and follow arrows and obey and stay at home when told .. etc ,etc.

Then, there are 10 other d-r specialists who will say quite the opposite.

Why should I believe the former ? on what grounds?
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