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Re: Swiss Marriage Visa : for Indian and Swiss citizen

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Regarding the procedure on the Indian side - it is more or less the same as the original poster stated, my partner lives in Goa so the lawyer came out to Goa to meet with him and we did the whole process through the Swiss Embassy in Mumbai.

A time line:
My partner started putting together his documents at the beginning of 2019 and in June he was invited to the Swiss Embassy in Mumbai for a short interview, when he also paid the fee and gave in his documents for inspection, the lawyer came to visit in September, I was notified by the Swiss Authorities in Switzerland in November and I received the Ermächtigung on the 18th of December, so it took pretty much a full 6 months.

My partner and I have more or less completed the process now for his visa and I received the Ermächtigung zur Visumerteilung yesterday in the post from the Migration department.
The Swiss Embassy in Mumbai told him to send them a scan of it by email and they will then inform him of the further steps. But basically as I understand it now, we have managed to get over the worst of it.

Just a quick update:

The questions I received from the Migrations department to answer were of a more general nature - so it seems there is not one set of questions they ask everyone. I was asked to
explain how it is that we speak in English together and where did he learn to speak English - a bizarre question since we both grew up bilingual in an international enviornment, how can you prove it? I explained just that.

How often I have been to India to visit him with proof - visas, airline tickets, hotel bookings with both our names on them and detailing the places we visited.

I was also asked if he is planning to work in Switzerland.

We were asked if we have a date in mind for marriage and why this date. Did we both decide to get married and what were the circumstances
If he has any relatives in the Schengen area or in Switzerland and if he himself has ever been to Switzerland or lived in a Schengen country.

If he has ever been married "traditionally" as opposed to conventionally.

They also wanted photographs of us.
We have known each other since high school and have been together for nearly 6 years, I explained to the authorities that we are not of the selfie generation and I can provide 1 picture with both of us on it and others which we took of each other.

How do we communicate when we are apart? For this, I sent a screen shot of our call log on the Telegram app, showing how often we speak on the phone.


A copy of my lease stating how many people live in my flat
Proof of my travel to India
The confirmation from the Zivilstandeskreis
My divorce papers as I had been married before
Confirmation from the social department that I not depending on benefits
Finacial guarantee, signed by me and by my partner. You can send a scan to your partner, he sends it back. I put the copy he sent me with both of our signatures on it plus the original with only my signature on it.

I also added my work contract - it is not stipulated in the financial guarantee that you have to send proof, it seems that most people send 3 months worths of payment slips, I decided to just send them my contract which states my salary. Contrary to popular opinion, the guarantee does not mean you have to prove you have 30'000 in the bank. It basically says that if anything happens - medical emergency declare yourself liable.

In the letter I explained how long we know each other and how our relationship developed.

Now we are just waiting to hear from the embassy in Mumbai to go further.
Hi Starbug, I'm in the same boat. I would like to know two things

1.Did they convey anything like verification of documents prior sending to swiss [which is little faster process] while submitting in mumbai embassy. Coz in my case they told that they send document to swiss only after verification in India.

I'm little shocked about your 6 months waiting time. i had perception like it will take only 3 months

2. Did you send hard copy of immigration visa approved letter[from zivilstandamt] to your fiance in india
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