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Re: Serafe - wifi but that's it

I am astounded by some of the ridiculous arguments.

"It's only 1 Franc a day" - that's 365 francs that I can spend on something much better and over 20k for a lifetime. Why don't some of you send me 1 franc a day if it's so meaningless? I'll gladly provide my bitcoin address for this purpose.

"I have to pay for schools that I don't use, and thus you should not complain about TV" - so educating the population vs. lobotomizing the population with TV is the same thing? How egregious!

"Get over it, that's the price to live in society" - I am happy to pay for schools, housing for the needy, bureaucrats that make the system run, street lights so that the vast majority of people can see at night, the military to defend the country - all those things are necessary to live in society. A medium that is disappearing, and as someone commented earlier is on the path to extinction being propped up by my money!? That's absolutely not ok. Viewership is dwindling it's a fact.

"you should feel warm inside for helping grandpa watching TV" Grandpa had access to cheap properties, a nice pension, job security - screw him and his TV.

The biggest joke of it all is that they charge you in the "event" that you could connect to the TV. Wifi and a smart phone! I would understand if they charged you if you own a physical TV, in this case they apply this generally to everyone to us over and take our money.

71% voted against the plan with a 54% turnout or 38% of the population voted to keep this going - sounds like another case of young people too busy surviving and making ends meet to go voting. That's the real problem.

So now to my initial question: Can OFCOM force themselves into my property or is it similar to the UK where "they can keep on knocking but they can't come in!"? Is my Internet Service Provider required to provide them information on me?

I will try to opt out - as the Wifi in my house is to work from home, and my smart phone is provided by my work with all the necessary blocks in place so that I don't waste time watching TV as an example. Not much hope but at least I will have tried.

Silver lining - I am sure that we will see this crap being killed off in my lifetime, whether that's the rubbish they broadcast via the BBC in the UK - or whatever garbage they have here in Switzerland. Reading some more on the topic, when the vote was passed it was completely disingenuous and the bill was proposed as some form of cultural protection of Switzerland. Let's hope they come back with a better worded bill in the next few years, and that enough of the population is not completely manipulated by that same TV, that I am sure broadcasted none stop the ill effect of cutting their budget off.

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