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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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It's a difficult task considering how fractured the country is. People who believe that because the Dems have won by a whisker that it will be the end of it are misguided. It all depends on how Joe Biden leads, if he makes moves to consider reach across the aisle then there's a chance things could improve.

People shouldn't be surprised by what happened yesterday, it's been a long time in coming. The media and Democrats worked every day to delegitimise Donald Trumo for four years based largely on lies, and that has now come to a head and President Trump has played right into their hands. The sheer hypocrisy over reporting of BLM, Antifa, protests against Brett Kavanaugh etc. compared to what happened yesterday will not have been lost on many, just stoking tensions further.

7 million votes is a whisker? Trump did this and countless people have fed the monster that is his fascist ego.

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Trump "delegitimised" himself.

Wake up.

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Which is why I said he played into their hands. He could have gone gracefully but his ego, which has been his undoing for the entirety of his Presidency, has gotten the better of him.

It's clear now too that he never wanted to win the Georgia runoffs as it doesn't fit with his personal narrative. Putting himself before everyone and everything has resulted in this outcome.
He played in the Democrats hands? Can you clarify? Are you suggesting that yesterday's atrocity was due to the Dems?

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"Won by a whisker"

A landslide, larger-than-Trump's-2016, 74-vote margin in the Electoral College... the largest number of votes ever for a single candidate in any US presidential election... a popular vote victory by a margin of 7,059,741... that's some whisker.

Indeed, the media and the Democrats used four years or more of Trump's incessant lies against him -- who would give up a gift like that? Trump delegitimized himself.

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Yes, your inability to understand statistics on display once again. 51% to 47% is a whisker. It's closer still if you look at the states that swung it for Mr Biden.
But the Brexit 1% or whatever is was was a landslide majority?

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Oh come on .. It must be one of the most heavily defended buildings in the world .. Everybody knew there was going be a protest, the police and national guard were right there.. It was 'stormed' by a bunch of old ladies, nutjobs and actors, not a heavily armed professional militia.

You seriously think that the building could not have been defended if they wanted to defend it? That's the delusion right there.
They had guns, zip ties and, allegedly, bombs. Gods know who they were trying to get.

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The threat to democracy isn't in what they did yesterday. The threat to democracy is in Trump's denial of having lost the election and his persistent encouragement of his supporters' belief in his delusions that the election results are invalid... even going so far as to pressure Pence and other Republicans to back him to try to overturn the election results.

But you can try to downplay the events of yesterday all you want. That doesn't change what happened. But clearly you think it's fine for Trump supporters to assault police officers and break into the Capitol building during a Congressional session, forcing that session to be brought to an end and all Congress members to be evacuated.

I'm willing to bet both my kidneys that if it was Biden supporters doing that, people like yourself and other Trump supporters would be calling them out on it.
I'll add a kidney too. Also, if they were black.

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So you back up your lies and misrepresentation with more misrepresentation?

I'll ask you for a third time, please provide an example of what you claim.
What lies and misrepresentations? The capitol building was stormed by a potentially violent mob. Staffers were told to take breathing apparatus/masks when they went to safer places in case of chemical attack.

Prove what you assert. Put your money where your mouth is. Stop with the spin and open your eyes, even if that worryingly narrow mind is a bit of a lost cause.

They need to get Trump out. Now.

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