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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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Downplaying the seriousness of the situation in relation to the media and international outcry for such reasons as many of the protestors being in fancy dress, mostly unarmed, were taking selfies with police, were allowed to gain access to the building by police is not the equivalent of saying it's fine to assault police? You do get that, right?!
Yeah, and this goes back to my original point. The police in general did NOT allow all the protesters to gain access to the building. See my earlier post, with the video links and the photos -- where protestors were breaking down barricades and trying to force their way in and breaking out windows of the Capitol building and climbing inside, scaling walls, etc. The video that you had posted shows one police officer finally opening a barricade after protestors were pushing their way in. That is NOT the police in general. My other statement was a hypothetical comment -- that if you believe the protesters were allowed in and did nothing wrong because they were simply taking selfies then you are okay with the fact that they were also assaulting police officers and breaking out windows, etc. Or is it that you just forgot to mention that and/or chose to ignore it?

Jesus. Trying to engage in an intelligent conversation with you is like trying to have a rational, intelligent conversation with a two-year old.

You clearly perceive and filter events according to what you want to be true rather than what is true. You cherry-pick information and ignore anything that conflicts with your cognitive biases.

I'm going to put you back on my ignore list because I'd rather not waste any more of my time trying to engage in rational conversations with irrational people on the Internet. Biden's win was made official today. This is a day of celebration for me -- not a day to waste arguing with denialists on the Internet.
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