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Re: Car Import - 12 Month Rule

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Any tips on how to start to prove equivalence? I don't know if I'll need to but I like to be prepared.
i'd wait and see what happens. if not they actually have a form you can take to a friendly BMW dealer to certify that the specs of your car are the same. Some dealers are assholes about this and won't do it and others will gladly do it. If you don't already have a good relationship with a main dealer (why would you?), go straight to the parts/service department if you need that doing. Better chance they'll be helpful in my experience. I've been through this with a couple of BMW dealers and Porsche.

In the case of my M5 they even took exception to the fact there was no US emissions sticker under the hood (the hood had been repainted and the sticker left off). I ordered the appropriate sticker from BMW manhattan for my chassis number and the sticker was dated later than the car was made (it was a part revision). They then took exception to that too until we told them to be sensible and they agreed.

Having been through this process at least 10 times, I can tell you than no two times go the same or are predictable. This is why I recommend to avoid the whole issue unless there is a very strong reason you want that non swiss car here.....

i can't recommend enough to have a local garage proprietor to handle the negotiations for you.
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