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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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I really don't think that even this bunch with their formidable arsenal of zip ties and a pipe bomb in their wildest dreams, actually thought they would "seize power" ..

Disrupt a meeting that was taking place - yes
Do some vandalism - yes
Make a point - yes
Get on TV (again) - hell absolutely yes

But I doubt if they intended to seize power. Even if they'd actually entered and secured themselves inside, even with hostages, they wouldn't have seized anything other than the building and a death sentence.
I don't know. I think they did actually believe that. I was watching a video earlier where a British journalist was inside the Capitol building, filming, as it was under siege and was interviewing some of the people inside. Most of them thought they were starting a revolution and were completely irate, claiming that the U.S. was THEIR country and that it had been stolen from them (and that is exactly what Trump had been telling them in his speech earlier that day) and that they were there to take it back. That video of the journalist inside the Capitol can be seen here:

You can see at the beginning that the crazy QAnon dude with the dead animal hat (or whatever the hell that thing is) was actually hanging his flag from a spear. Apparently, many of them had weapons of some sort.

So what exactly do people think would have happened if this irate mob had entered the room when all those members of Congress were still in there? They were obviously outnumbered. Even the police weren't able to control them. I mean, clearly they wouldn't be able to actually seize power over the US, but what do people really think would have happened if they had encountered all those Congress members when they entered that room?

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