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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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Simply put, one cannot dismiss 74 million people, that not only voted for him, but voted for him after 4 years of his presidency. In spite of everything that happened since 2016, his support grew by a fifth! Lord knows how, but he has found a way to resonate with millions of Americans who felt the system wasn't working for them. Many of those even know he's not fit for office, yet voted for him anyway!

To look at his record, he also repaid their faith, certainly his middle class and blue collar supporters. Poverty has dropped, inequality has narrowed. American incomes rose five times as much as they did during eight years of President Obama, and this wasn't just the billionaires, those that did best were those at the bottom of the pecking order, low and middle income workers.*

A lot rests now with President Elect Biden, people need to start at least trying to understand that mentality, because to ignore it would be to do so at America's peril.

As usual nothing to substantiate your claims and mostly lies or distortions. At best Trump only continued trends what were already well established under Obama.

If you can exclude Covid from Trump's record then the first couple of years of Obama should also be taken our of the record, dominated as they were by the financial crisis he inherited. In fact you shold really only judge any president economically starting from at least 2 years in.

Fact is, once the 2008/9 crisis and covid are taken out of the equation (one correction each to be fair), incomes rose at pretty much the same rate under both and inequality stayed fundimentally the same under both.

Interesting how you are so concerned about Trump's 74 million voters but apparently have no regard for the 80 million that voted for Biden. I guess that as with the Washington rioters this is because they are other people and
don't count.

I don't recall you bothering about the majority that voted for Clinton last time round either.

A couple of quick links for further reading
You live and learn. At any rate, you live.
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