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Re: Coronavirus

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Interesting news from Canada:

"At this point, there is no flu in Quebec (only 4 cases were detected between August and December)" Arruda (public health director) said on Wednesday. "If you have symptoms similar to the flu, it is probably COVID-19." ....Nearly 1.5 million people have been vaccinated against the flu since Nov. 1 and doses will still be made available to those at risk who request it, the ministry says."

Never thought about this, but a widespread vaccination for the common flu makes real easy to identify & isolate covid19 cases.
But then if you are like me, and get the flu jab - your mind starts to wonder at any benign flu-ish symptom.. It's a drag.

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I think that's the case here looking at who has been infected and who hasn't (taking our teachers out of the equation!). The Clifton wing seems unaffected, we moderates unaffected, and the Baboon wing to be teeming with it!
Reminds me the Reading Aptitude groups in education: The Gazelles, The Giraffes, The Bunnies..

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I would characterize the people from back home who have caught it as a bit dozy or dim on average. Not actually rebellious. One who got a lift from a friend to avoid public transport particularly comes into mind. Then again I don't really know anyone who is actively a COVID-denier. Obviously, the absolute wits have mostly had it by now. Actually, not many of my friends have had it.

I'm pretty good on the social distancing FWIW. The last time I had sustained indoor contact with someone not in my household was back in Q1 2020 other than public transport (I can't drive). And I'm careful on public transport too - travel at very non peak times. Certainly won't sit next or opposite to anyone. Risk there is not zero, but I don't think its high.

The reality is that the guidelines and what is sensible correlate, but there are some discrepancies. Taking the UK - Rishi's dishes vs. not being allowed for a second outdoor walk by yourself. I would completely ignore the rule saying you couldn't go out for a second alone outdoor walk - because I am a person not a sheep. I would not have participated in Rishi's dishes in a restaurant that did not have outdoor seating because I do not believe in such totally unnecessary and casual risk taking. I think slaveishly following the law (but doing as much as you are entitled to) and doing the reverse is indefensible.

I think my general point that one should think for themselves and assess the risks using their brain rather than just follow the guidelines word for word is just obvious common sense. But then again I believe broadly if you treat people like adults they behave like adults, and if you treat people like children, they behave like children.
What do you treat people like so they show up at the most impossible places in fur bikinis and horns?
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