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Re: What “extras” will my Krankenkasse pay for?

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Thanks for the tips everyone

I do think my office will buy me a standing desk - I just have to figure out that path. But since I’m in the home office most of the time it’s not quite as helpful (and I’m not required to work from home so I think it would be hard to make a case for my company providing me home office equipment - it’s a grey area and worth asking though!).

To be clear I’m not looking to nickel and dime my insurance company to get everything I can out if it. I also intentionally pay a premium to have more coverage (which I have now paid for over a year and just went to a doctor for the first time 2 months ago, so insurance company is making out so far ) such as spa treatments because I do believe certain things can prevent further issues. Also Swiss insurance seems to cover things I find unusual as medical treatments (homeopathy? Really?), and for example in the US you can use HSA money for acupuncture without a prescription, but not massage. I’m sure there are similar things here that would be helpful to know so I can be proactive rather than seeking out treatments when things are already a problem
Would probably help if you told which insurance you are with and what products you bought extra. Someone is bound to have the same and tell you.
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