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Re: Trump or Biden .Who you got?

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I do not see how "we can take the pandemic out of the equation", that is an extreme example of whitewashing Trump's failures.
If he had addressed the pandemic vigorously, always worn a mask, promoted social distancing, and not continuously played down the extremely serious nature of the disease then the situation today would be much better.
You only have to look at the pictures of the Capitol insurrection to see his keenest supporters avoid masks and social distancing.

I am sure his pandemic failure was a significant factor for the 81 million who voted for Biden.

You are correct about him appointing many conservative judges. But luckily for the rest of us, these judges demonstrate they administer the law just like liberal-leaning judges.
Maybe I didn't phrase it well. I'm not whitewashing anything and I agree the USA would be in a very different place had Trump behaved differently regarding the pandemic. I'm only talking about Trump supporters and their continued support for him.

Tony wrote:
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...The point is why so he resonated with so many American's who felt forgotten? A certain proportion of that is because their lives demonstrably improved under him, certainly in an economic sense. Whether that was down to Donald Trump or not doesn't really matter.
And I think Tony is right. A number of people who supported Trump before the pandemic did benefit economically in the past 4 years, whether due to Trump's actions/policies or not. So they credit him. Many were also hit economically by the pandemic, but they blame the pandemic itself - not Trump's poor handling of it - for their losses.

for Trump supporters, Trump can do no wrong.
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