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Re: Cancel Culture

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Inciting a crime, is a crime. And not protected by the first amendment.
Exactly - and many governments around the world have threatened online service providers with severe penalties if they allow their platforms to be used in criminal acts.
So it's self-preservation, as well as seeking to prevent crimes being committed on their platform - not censorship.

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Another day, another: "I don't understand what is actually happening so I am going to resort to childish conspiracy theories" thread. Donald Trump isn't being censored for fun, he is being censored because he is a man in the most powerful position in the world who is actively and knowingly spreading lies, misinformation, hate speech, subversion of democracy and incitement for people to do violence that are negatively influencing millions of ignorant and impressionable people.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can't figure out such basic and downright obvious things for themselves.
If you can prevent a crime by blocking an online social media account, it's a no-brainer: you block the account.

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I think that before anyone can come to an educated opinion in that regard, they need to first educate themselves about the ways the Internet and social media are used to indoctrinate and recruit terrorists and Jihadists and white supremacists, etc., including the fact that these groups often use social media to prey upon and radicalize teenagers.

To simply say that "censorship is bad" is failing to recognize the problem in the first place.
The internet is great for this sort of recruitment, as you can just leave bait dangling virtually forever, and the recruits will come to you ... then you hit them with the hard lies once you have them hooked.
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