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Re: Cancel Culture

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It started in spring, when Yahoo stopped the possibility to make comments..

Those comments were great but they did not want people to tell the truth, otherwise it would be still allowed.
Right. I don't think that all the uncomfortable truth potentially "recruits jihadists".

This idea of grown ups who need to be shielded from data that somebody elses controls...because there are "impressionable, feeble minds out there"? How have we survived the last 20 years of such dangerous internet world? Looks like people need to be more exposed to reality, not less, if their 1st reflex is to get their opponent cancelled. Will it take another 10 years before people mature out of groupthink? Can they get together without being policed?

You push people to dissent and undeground, you know nothing anymore about their priorities, you lose traceability, you create sanitized world where people are no longer trusted and they are reported and cancelled. Apple, Google, You tube, FB, reddit, Twitter are losing big time on this - in the long run. It might be a fake wonderful world with zero credibility. PC policies that everybody likes because they make everyone feel moral, are totally abused, but being even more PC isn't gong to fix this abuse. China is one big PC group think, are people happy and free? People not needing to be validated in the make believe PC world will fix the abuse that PC thinking creates. Make space for others, tolerate other opinions.

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The whole Trump thing, I mean, whether or not it is a crime is decided in the future.

The US indepence war started out as a crime (in British eyes), but because of the outcome it is now judged to be a war of independence. At the time the signers of the declaration of independence were criminals, but because of history's outcome are the founding fathers.

If invading Peloci's office had brought voter fraud to light with Trump being the rightfull election winner, who would be the criminal then ?

If DT is pushed out by extreme measures of biased media and people who cannot stand opposing views, it stinks. It will create far bigger conflict and a long one.

Let's tread carefully when people label their opponents trolls and liars instead of focusing on the issues in debates. These opponents do not deserve to be (perma)banned just because people get irritated that there is somebody with consistent view that differs.

Thanks, terri - this is a good thread.
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