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Re: Cancel Culture

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This is a bit of an oversimplification (I am being generous with my wording here), John. The main things that have changed in the last 4 years are:
  • Trump stepped up his rhetoric and became more dangerous and unpredictable as time progressed.
    Scrutiny over social media use and the effects of its abuse has very rightly been increased.
  • The political landscape is not the same as it was 4 years ago and understanding of the dangers of unfettered use of social media are now better understood. Things have to, and are, changing.

I say again that anyone who can't understand something so obvious such as why people in positions of such power and influence, with access to hundreds of millions of impressionable people on social media platforms, cannot be allowed to pathologically lie and engage in hate speech without any restrictions, must have some cognitive issues.
We've seen quite a purge here in social media land over the past week..

At best we can hope it's for good and ethical reasons, to try to assist with some calm while due process takes place in crazy USA.. To help prevent people stirring up trouble etc.. Maybe it's that simple.

However it's gone very far, from London LBC radio being taken off youtube, to the parler app being dropped from the play store to literally thousands of people having twitter suspended or tweets deleted for agreeing with or supporting trump.

All the while there are other terrorist organisations on there, supporters of them, leaders of countries like Iran tweeting and laughing at the situation. a vast ocean of highly questionable material which goes unchecked.

Stirring up hate or violence on any platform isn't good.. but is it better that big tech get to decide what's good and what's not, they decide to allow Red but censor Blue, they allow the Right to tweet but suspend the accounts of the Left.

Big tech created this monster and made a fortune from it, big tech knows what's best for you and me and they are close to controlling how people vote, at least in terms of controlling the narrative that you are allowed to see.
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