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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I think itís biggest achievement is how democracy has won for working class people despite the snobbery and belittling tone of the classes that keep telling them they didnít know what they were voting for.

That trumps any economic or political effect.
The biggest achievement is that Johnson et al managed to convince the very people that they would be screwing over to vote for them. The Tories appealed to the latent selfishness and greed in enough people, that's it.

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No, nothing of substance has changed... the working class have just been pacified for another while because it suits the upper classes.

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Oh it will last. Your failing to understand - like so many other people like yourself - why many people voted to leave. It had nothing to do with lists of advantages, but it meant the earth to them that we left.

I particularly like your complete failure to understand why many people wanted to leave is often twinned with the old number that leave voters Ďdidnít know what they were voting forí.

Personally I hope we get on and rejoin now in a few years, but I doubt it as long as your type is around sneering away like some intellectual upper class.

I'm not sure sure why you persist in the sneering snobby thing. Folk didn't know what they were voting for and /or they believed the lies. It's not a palatable thing to admit but it is true.
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